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Wei Niu party mustered victim

Dong Bailing et al to Liu Xu, Wei Niu stones factory, Liu Xu, Wei Niu side mustered Fighting broke out. During the brawl, Zhou Pei armed with a knife stabbed of Zhang Dong chest knife, He Jun,[url=http://www.pumaoutletitalia.info/]puma outlet[/url], armed with a knife stabbed Xu rocks femoral artery caused major blood loss, the second victim after she died. He Jun, also armed with a knife Pimpin,[url=http://www.louboutinpascherrparis.info/]chaussures louboutin[/url], WANG Zhen-lin chopped. After the incident,[url=http://www.karenmillendressoutlet.info/]karen millen[/url], Dong Bailing in the evening telephone contact Fuli town police station Police Association Wang and Lee,[url=http://www.karenmillenoutlet365.info/]karen millen[/url], said to be arranged a good home to go afterwards surrendered after Dong Bailing District Court in Suzhou City, 100 west side of the Ring Road,[url=http://www.christianlouboutinioutlet.info/]Christian Louboutin Outlet[/url], a car was captured.
Star News is the sphere of influence of the fight for mine, two miners in the mountains Trolley child large-scale fights, eventually leading to the serious consequences of the two deaths. Recently,[url=http://www.louboutinpaschere2013.info/]louboutin[/url], the reporter learned from Suzhou Intermediate Peoples Court, had shocked the province the Suzhou fuliji fights case of Final Appeal has been issued and the implementation of the two main culprits Executed.
Intern reporter Yang Leiqiang,
Court found that Dong Bailing in Suzhou City? Bridge,[url=http://www.rolexwatchitalia.info/]watches[/url], Fuli town Ling Monastery, operating in the mountains of stones factory Liu Xu,[url=http://hoganoutletitalia.webs.com/]hogan[/url], Wei Niu (Lingan defendant,[url=http://www.abercrombiepascherrfrance.info/]abercrombie pas cher[/url], already sentenced) operated adjacent stones factory, the two sides STONE QUARRY border The things many disputes. July 3, 2008, 4,[url=http://www.hoganoutletsitoufficiale2013.info/]hogan outlet[/url], 5,[url=http://www.hervelegeroutlete365.info/]herve leger dress[/url], Liu Xu arrange for three consecutive days, to prevent Dong Bailing stones factory production. Dong Bailing Wu Yongjun (handled separately) to 20,000 yuan, Zhou Pei,[url=http://www.abercrombieitaliasitoufficiale.info/]abercrombie milano[/url], He Jun,[url=http://www.abercrombiesitoufficiale2013.info/]abercrombie[/url], Wu Yongjun mustered a total of about 30 people,[url=http://www.hoganoutletitalia2013.info/]hogan outlet[/url], led by Dong Bailing eight men traveling in a taxi rushed to the market town of Fuli Ling Monastery mountains Liu Xu stones factory. At the same time, Liu Xu, Wei Niu party mustered victim (25 years old) calamity Xu Yan, Zhang (17 years) calamity than ten people gathered waiting stones factory Liu Xu,[url=http://www.karenmillendressonline.info/]karen millen[/url], Wei Niu, Liu Meng Ran,[url=http://www.hogansitoufficiale2013.info/]hogan[/url], Zheng,[url=http://www.abercrombiepascher2013.info/]abercrombie pas cher[/url], Y., Cai Zonghui and others at the foot of the mountain to continue to build and ready to brawl tool.
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